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Water Sports Centre

The Water Sports Centre is situated 20 km from Bratislava’s city centre. Transport options include own cars (parking facilities next to the Sports Centre) or public transport to Cunovo (part of Bratislava) followed by 2 km walk. From Bratislava, take the Rusovce direction, to the state border with the Republic of Hungary.

The Centre’s facilities and conception meet the criteria of world’s best sports stadiums. The Centre offers training possibilities for performance class water slalom racers and rafters but also for amateur sportsmen. It is possible to hold European and international competitions in the Centre which boasts Olympic parameters (World Cup in Water Slalom was held here in 1997). Sports competitions are held in a closed cycle which consists of a starting pool, two courses (choice possible), a boat lift and a reverse and run-down canal.

The courses are designed with recommendations and knowledge of Mr Cibak, co-author of similar projects in Australia, Spain or Poland.

Facts on Centre’s Sports Facilities

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