Description of timing and information system

In the year 1997 the Q-CONTROL company solved huge project of information and timing system developed for whitewater center in Cunovo. Q-CONTROL provides timing, automated collecting of penalty points, results processing, six scoreboard handling, information output for speakers and reporters, data output for on-line TV broadcasting and Internet, computer network, software, etc. It means complete information system. For timing we use reliable OMEGA Electronics timing equipment. All our computers are connected to one network with those for TV reporters and scoreboards. Whole software was developed by our company. Today it is the best equipped venue of its kind in the world. Last year the World Cup took place here and this year apart for many other competitions the Final of Junior-World Cup was here.


For timing we use fully computer-supported electronic timing equipment from Swiss company OMEGA Electronics (model OGM5005). Our system is suitable for sport events with large number of competitors where results must be done reliable and in real time. Start time, intermediate times as well as finish time are scanned by OMEGA Electronics photocells. We have developed special tools for its fast and comfortable adjustment. From our experience we can say that these photocells are highly reliable in every condition. The system is variable so that it makes it possible to change start or finish. There are two parallel channels connected in three places so that we can make up to five different courses.
The timing system is doubled by PowerTime stop-watch from OMEGA Electronics. In case of important competition we use fully autonomous redundant timing system (back-up timing) with separate photocells, cables, timing equipment and with separate power lines. To increase safety we use UPS back-up for each computer and for OMEGA. The OMEGA Electronics timing device is on-line connected to our network. All times form photocells are in one time sent to computer and printed on a paper.

Data handling

For start list preparation, results processing, scoreboards handling and for operation of press-centre and office of organizing committee we use our software equipment. All computers are connected in one network. Speakers and TV reporters have access to all important databases containing information about running race, results of previous races and information about competitors. Each office has its printer where results, start lists and all other information can be printed.

Data acquisition

For sports where some add-on data are needed (e.g. whitewater slalom - penalty points) we install microterminals along the course. Each microterminal has a keyboard and 4-lines alphanumeric display with (16 characters each line). They are protected against water and are designed for out-door use. Using microterminals the gate judges input penalty points. They also use them if the competitor capsized or was disqualified. All information are automatically received and stored. In case of any damage to connection lines the data of last 100 competitors are stored in terminals.


To each microterminal one external display (small scoreboard) is connected at which the penalty points are displayed immediately.


Start lists, results and actual information about running race are displayed at scoreboards with bi-stabile electromagnetic displaying elements. In Cunovo there are 6 scoreboards installed. Moreover there is one portable scoreboard for intermediate times and eight small scoreboards each to one microterminal along the course.


In the start area there is one small "starting scoreboard" at which 15 seconds countdown is displayed before the start of competitor. When the competitor should start the signal beeps. At the end of "reverse channel" where the competitors are preparing for start is one four-lines scoreboard. At this one names of competitors preparing for start are displayed with time left to start. This information gives them ideal possibility to be prepared exactly at the time of start. It also simplifies the work of a starter. At main scoreboard (12 lines; 5.4 x 3.8 meters) start lists and results are displayed. During the race actual order of competitors is displayed, running time of competitor and his order after intermediate. Of course we use this scoreboard for displaying any important messages, because this is the most visible scoreboard.
At the two-lines scoreboard in the finish area the result of competitor is shown immediately after coming to finish. At the bottom line the running time and penalty points of next competitor are shown. It is very comfortable for competitors to see their results immediately after they finish the run.

On-line TV broadcasting

Our timing and information system allows on-line data transmission to TV. Running time and actual number of penalty points can be shown on TV screens. It takes up to 2 seconds from the time when the gate judge enters the penalty points to time when it is visible on screens around the country. During the race technical results can be transmitted to TV as well.

Information system

Information system provides all important information for all users in the network, handles scoreboards, and provides data for speakers and TV. The user can find information about current race, previous races and about competitors. All results are published on the Internet after the end of competition. The system is used not only during the race but also for storing entry forms, production of start lists and for making corrections after the last meeting of team leaders before the race. During the race technical results are published. After the end of the race technical results are printed with the "protest time". After that official results are printed. Apart from standard results the system can print technical results with detailed information about the race. For each competitor the penalty points at each gate are printed and intermediate time is added. At the end of competition the complete results are printed for each team. For speaker at the course we provide detailed information about the race. He can see on his monitor names of competitors on the course their intermediate times, penalty points, comparison with his previous run as well as some personal information and his results from other important competitions. All these information gives the speaker great possibility to make the race interesting and exciting for all.


Activity of our company is based on 40 years experience of its employees. First electronic timing system was imported to Slovakia in 1958 for many years used by Gustav Mates. By the way it was OMEGA equipment. He experienced also the Ski World Championship in High Tatras in 1970. We have timed at such races as World and European Cup in Alpine skiing (Jasna, High Tatras), International motorcycle race (Czech republic), European Cup and ICF competitions in whitewater slalom (Liptovsky Mikulas), Junior World Championship in Fin swimming in Bratislava, short-track races and many other big and small races.